Sunsetting of 19c RURs


We want to inform you that beginning with the October 2022 patching cycle, Oracle will no longer provide 19c RURs (Release Update Revisions) for versions 19.17.0 and above. This means that any 19c database versions released after 19.17.0 will not receive RURs. Additionally, no additional RURs will be delivered on any platform after the release of Oracle Database 19c RUR 19.16.2 in January 2023.

It is important to note that RURs are important for maintaining the security and stability of your database. By ending the release of RURs for certain 19c versions, it is important that you plan for upgrading to a newer version of Oracle Database in order to continue receiving the benefits of RURs.

For more information about this change, please refer to the “Sunsetting of 19c RURs” and FAQ (Note 2898381.1). If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Introduction of MRPs

Starting in November 2022, Oracle will begin offering Monthly Recommended Patches (MRPs) to customers. MRPs are a collection of patches that have been tested and recommended by Oracle, and will be made available on a monthly basis. These patches are only available for Linux x86-64 systems. Customers using non-Linux x86-64 systems should continue to follow the patching guidelines outlined in the Oracle Database 19c Important Recommended One-off Patches document (Note 555.1).

Starting in mid-October 2022 with the release of Oracle Database 19c RU19.17, Oracle will begin providing Monthly Recommended Patches (MRPs) for each RU. These patches will be available for six months following the release of each RU and will include the fixes outlined in the Oracle Database Important Recommended Patches document (Note 555.1), as well as any RU regression fixes and the MRPs from previous RUs.

RUs  will continue to be available for all supported platforms, but MRPs (Monthly Recommended Patches) will only be offered for Linux x86-64 operating systems. Customers on other platforms can still request one-off patches on all platforms as needed. If a particular month does not have any new recommended fixes for an RU, no MRP will be released, and this will be noted in the relevant MOS notes to avoid confusion. If conflicts arise between one-off patches and the latest MRP for an RU, Oracle will provide merge patches to resolve the issue.

The latest MRP for Oracle Database 19c can be downloaded from the document “Database 19” of MOS (Note 888.1).

By Charles