There are several options when it comes to configuring parameters for shared storage and access. Today, let’s take some time to cover how to leverage the vSphere 5.x Client to add the required parameters.

From the Options Tab, Click on the General line, and click on the Configuration Parameters button
General configuration

Click on the Add Rows button at the bottom right of the screen:

Multi writer Flag

As part of our RAC configuration for shared storage, we can setup udev rules for device persistency and permissions. You will choose this option if you are opting out of Oracle ASMLIB.

Lot of customers went forward with setting up udev rules on Red Hat 6 because Oracle and Red Hat released de-support of ASMLIB when Red Hat 6 went GA. When Red Hat 6.4 came out, Red Hat announced support for ASMLIB. This section will assume that the customers have opted out of ASMLIB and chose to stick with udev rules.

Doing this with the GUI and repeating the steps is extremely painful. We passionately promote automating mundane tasks like this. Look for upcoming post on how to do all this with PowerCLI.

Also, by default, the UUID (Unique Device Identifier) of the disks will not be available to the Linux VM when you probe with the scsi_id command. To allow the scsi_id to retrieve the unique SCSI identifier, you must set the following parameter to true on each VM:

disk.EnableUUID = “TRUE”

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