What is the Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance?
In a nutshell, the Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance serves as a cloud storage gateway to easily connect on-premise applications/data shares/workflows to Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

What is the Hardware Requirements
• 2 Cores
• 4GB of memory

What is the Software Requirements
• Oracle Linux 7 with UEK Release 4 or later
• Docker 1.8.3 or later. For information on Docker, please visit https://www.docker.com/.
• At least on NFS version 4.0

Installing Oracle Linux 7.2
We will start with installing Oracle Linux 7.2 and then in the next article, I will provide the step-by-step instructions to setup and configure the Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance.

Choose to option to Install Oracle Linux 7.2 and hit the enter/return button

Accept the default to install the English language and Click on Continue


Select on the Date & Time area to modify the default timezone for the VM.
We are changing our timezone from New York to Chicago
You can choose to enable NTP at this time
Click on the Done button when you are complete to take you back to the previous screen.

If you scroll down, you will see the Network & Host Name in the SYSTEM section. Click on the Network & Host Name part of the screen.

Change the Host name
Click on the Off switch on the far right corner to enable the Ethernet network
Click on the Done button when you are complete to take you back to the previous screen.

We will choose to keep the Minimal Install option.

For this particular installation, we will keep the “Automatic partitioning selected” option but it is required for you to navigate to the Installation Destination screen to validate that is what you choose:
By default, in the Partitioning section, the Automatically configure partitioning option is chosen. You can configure /root, /, /tmp/, swap and other file systems but for this configuration, we will choose the Automatically configure partitioning option and click on the Done button.

Now the Begin Installation button will be enabled. You are ready to start the installation.

While the installation is in progress, we will want to set the root password. NewImage

In the Root Password screen, we created the root password:
Because our password is weak, we will be asked to click on the Done button twice.

When you are routed back to the previous screen, you can optionally create additional users.


When the installation is complete, you will be asked to Reboot the VM. You will be asked to accept the license agreement.

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