Oracle PreInstall RPM for Oracle Linux is one the biggest benefits of adopting Oracle Linux. With a single command, you can pre-configure the Oracle Linux environment for OEM 12c Agent, EBS R12, and Oracle Database 11gR2/12c installations. Not only does Oracle configure the Linux environment, but many of the best practices are incorporated in the process.

Oracle provides the PreInstall RPMs for the database on different channels from the EBS R12 or OEM 12c Agent PreInstall RPMs. For EBS and OEM 12c Agent PreInstall RPMs, you can download the PreInstall RPMs from the addons channel from the public-yum repository. Oracle provides a separate RPM for each release of OEM 12c.

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For Oracle Database PreInstall RPMs for Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Database 12c Release 1, you can download them from the RPM from the latest channel from the public-yum repository. You will have to scroll down quite a bit; the RPMs that start with capital letters are listed above RPMs that have lower case letters.

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The location of the source RPM (.src.rpm) can be especially important for Red Hat customers who want to leverage all the hard work that Oracle has put in. Red Hat customers can download the source RPM and build their own RPM package that will work on Red Hat with the rpmbuild command.

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