ocssd.bin is required for ASM if you are not running RAC. If you are not running ASM, you will want to disable this process from starting up. You can use the following instructions from this blog.

bash-3.00$ ps -fu oracle
 oracle 9578 9567 0 14:39:17 pts/2 0:00 /bin/bash
 oracle 4129 2268 0 Sep 02 ? 4:54 /apps/oracle/product/GC/db10g/bin/ocssd.bin

Login as root and change your directory to /etc/init.d and issue the init.cssd command:

bash-3.00# ./init.cssd stop css
Shutting down CRS daemon.
Shutting down EVM daemon.
Shutting down CSS daemon.
Shutdown request successfully issued.
Shutdown has begun. The daemons should exit soon.

If you do not want ocssd.bin process to start back after the server reboot, type the following command:
bash-3.00# ./init.cssd disable css
Automatic startup disabled for system boot.

In Oracle 10.2 and above, Oracle recommends using the crsctl command to start/stop CSS. To stop the ocssd.bin daemon, change your directory to $ORACLE_HOME/bin and execute the following commands:

crsctl stop css
crsctl disable css

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