Learn the secrets of the trade to rapidly provisioning Oracle DB Infrastructure-As-A-Service. This extreme session will cover topics of delivering Linux-As-S-Service, RAC-As-A-Service, ASM-As-A-Service, Database-As-A-Service, Backup-As-A-Service, and even Data-Guard-As-A-Service . Advanced techniques to deploy enterprise RAC and non-RAC database deployments in an automated fashion will be shared . Save days and even weeks of deploy time by attending this session. There is no reason why you as a DBA or Architect, should not be able to deploy a fully patched RAC environment from bare metal Linux and create a RAC database in less than one hour. Anyone deploying RAC or even non-RAC will learn the secret sauce and knowledge of how to properly deploy mission critical systems that is repeatable and consistent. Learn to deploy a fully patched ( or with PSU x or 12.1 with PSU x) two node RAC in less than one hour.

Learn how to automate database builds and to leverage golden image database templates.

We can’t forget about multi-tenant deployment of Oracle 12c Pluggable Databases. Learn how to deploy pluggable databases (PDB) and to migrate PDBs and significantly increase your database consolidation density.

The details of adding nodes to an existing clusters and removing nodes from the cluster will also be disseminated.

Collaborate 2014 – Extreme Oracle DB Infrastructure As A Service.pdf

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