You wanted to know how much space is actually being used at each of your ASM disks. You can use the following query to determine that.

set lines 255
col path for a35
col Diskgroup for a15
col DiskName for a20
col disk# for 999
col total_mb for 999,999,999
col free_mb for 999,999,999
compute sum of total_mb on DiskGroup
compute sum of free_mb on DiskGroup
break on DiskGroup skip 1 on report -

set pages 255

select DiskGroup, b.disk_number Disk#, DiskName, b.total_mb, b.free_mb, b.path, b.header_status
from v$asm_disk b, v$asm_diskgroup a
where a.group_number (+) =b.group_number
order by b.group_number, b.disk_number,

set lines 122
set pages 66

Created by Charles Kim, Oracle ACE Director

Posted in ASM
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