If you take out all the comments and blank lines, we are only dealing with 7 parameters for the GoldenGate response file. You can run the following egrep command with each release of GoldenGate to see if Oracle introduces new parameters to their response files.

The trick to automating a GoldenGate installation and customizing the installation process is to embed place holders into the template GoldenGate file. During the automation time, you simply leverage Unix tools like sed and awk to replace the placeholder values with the custom values.

[oracle@den01 ~]$ egrep -v "^#|^$" oggcore.rsp 

As you can see, we have embedded three place holders:
* for the Software Location (GoldenGate Home)
* OraInventory location
* the unix group name.

The best way to customize and automate a GoldenGate installation is to replace these parameters at runtime and replace them with your values. Also notice that I started all of my variables with an XXX_ so that I can easily detect what the custom parameters are.

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