Oracle Database Backup Service is a secure, scalable, on-demand storage solution for backing up your Oracle databases to Oracle’s Cloud. In a nutshell, Oracle databases are backed up to Oracle Cloud using the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module. The Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module Can be downloaded from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and is tightly integrated with Recovery Manager (RMAN). Because of the tight integration with RMAN, DBAs and architects can continue to use their familiar RMAN commands for backup and restore operations. DBAs can specify retention policies, perform cross-check operations, and even delete backups using their familiar RMAN commands.

To leverage Oracle Database Backup Service, you must be running at at least Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) to leverage Oracle Database Backup Service. You must first download the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module from OTN and install it on the local target server:

Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module is supported only for 64-bit architectures and for the following Linux, Solaris, SPARC, HP-UX, AIX, zLinux, and Windows operating systems.

Oracle ensures that data stored in Oracle Database Backup Service Cloud is redundant. Within Oracle Database Backup Service Cloud, data is automatically replicated to three separate physical machines. Oracle leverages this triple mirroring technique to prevent data loss in the event of hardware catastrophe.

All backups made to Oracle Cloud must be encrypted. You can leverage RMAN to encrypt your backup before it’s sent over the internet to Oracle Cloud. Oracle will only accept secure backups and reject a RMAN backup if it not secured.

Oracle Wallet Keys are stored locally on-premise at your data center. One thing to note is that keys are not in the cloud.