AS Root

+ASM1 – oracle: sudo -u root -s -H
[sudo] password for oracle:
 – root: . oraenv
ORACLE_SID = [root] ? +ASM1
The Oracle base has been set to /apps/oracle
+ASM1 – root: ocrcheck
Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
         Version                  :          3
         Total space (kbytes)     :     262120
         Used space (kbytes)      :       3464
         Available space (kbytes) :     258656
         ID                       : 1710014838
         Device/File Name         :        +OV
                                    Device/File integrity check succeeded
                                    Device/File not configured
                                    Device/File not configured
                                    Device/File not configured
                                    Device/File not configured
         Cluster registry integrity check succeeded
         Logical corruption check succeeded
AS oracle
+ASM1 – oracle: cluvfy comp ocr -n all -verbose
Verifying OCR integrity
Checking OCR integrity…
Checking the absence of a non-clustered configuration…
All nodes free of non-clustered, local-only configurations
ASM Running check passed. ASM is running on all specified nodes
Checking OCR config file “/etc/oracle/ocr.loc”…
OCR config file “/etc/oracle/ocr.loc” check successful
Disk group for ocr location “+OV” available on all the nodes
This check does not verify the integrity of the OCR contents. Execute ‘ocrcheck’ as a privileged user to verify the contents of OCR.
OCR integrity check passed

Verification of OCR integrity was successful.

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